Personal Car Hire in Daventry for Businesses

Personal car hire is a great option for businesses that look to provide transportation to their employees. With the Covid-19 situation, every company is looking to safeguard their employees. Travelling by trains and bus can increase the risk of transmission. Hiring a car gives you an array of benefits like:

  • Less time consuming for your employees to reach their destinations
  • Reduces stress compared to travelling by train or bus.
  • Cost-effective
  • Reduces the risk of Covid-19 transmission with sanitization of cars.

Save Time and Reduce Stress

If you provide transportation, your employees save a quality amount of time in reaching the office and getting back home. It reduces a lot of stress and directly reflects in your employees’ work input. Transportation after any job hours is very stressful and always plays at the back of the mind, mainly for people travelling by train or bus. Help make your employees travelling stress less by hiring a car.

Save Expenses 

You can save on your company’s expenses by hiring a car for a trusted car rental company like Executive Taxi. Hiring a car is way cheaper in the long run than booking a taxi every day to transport your employees. Taxi fares and public transportations rates may hike after a definite time. But if you have signed up and hired a car annually, you save a lot of money for your business in the long run.

Why Is It Better than Buying a Car?

Buying cars needs tremendous investment upfront, and the maintenance cost is also high and builds upon your company’s expenses. The Car renting company looks at any maintenance cost and all legal issues. You get flexible durations to rent a car. Hiring a car lets you enjoy all the benefits of owning a car, but with no hassles or disadvantages.

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